Meet the Office Team at Circle City Dog Training 

John Van Olden – President/CEO

John is a dog training veteran with over twenty years of experience in the industry. He discovered his passion for canine behavioral training while serving in the United States military as a police officer with a canine partner. Police officers were required to train the dogs themselves, and he learned just how quickly a loving, trusting relationship can form between a dog and his/her owner when proper training is involved.

After leaving the military, John delved deeper into the world of dog training by helping found the International Association of Canine Professionals and starting the world’s first in-home dog training franchise, K-9 Advantage. He was also president of PAWSitive Solutions, the biggest training company in the U.S. These ventures were all landmarks in his path to founding Canine Trade Group, a company that works to connect dog owners in need with trainers in their area.

Cristin Ellis – Operations Manager

Cristin is John’s right-hand woman. She works in the Canine Trade Group offices, but thanks to ten years of experience training dogs for agility competitions, she knows a thing or two about canine behavior.

After she bought a Border Collie, Sike! that developed fear aggression, she took the initiative to immerse herself in CTG’s education course, specially designed for those who wish to have a career in dog training.

She incorporated the techniques she learned into her daily life, and now Sike! is a calmer, happier part of the family. Cristin can tell fellow dog owners firsthand how effective CTG’s techniques are.

Nicole Zulkowski – Veterinary Relationship Manager

Nicole knew ever since she was a young girl that she wanted dogs to be part of her life and career. Throughout high school and college, she worked different jobs that involved animals. Graduating with a BS in Biology from Ursinus College, Nicole began to look for work within the animal care field, and was employed as a veterinary technician and also a dog daycare technician/handler. After working with many dogs with a wide range of behaviors, Nicole was inspired to learn more about how these behaviors form, and also how to treat them.

Canine Trade Group is thrilled to have hired Nicole into the office staff. Along with her extensive knowledge on canine behavior and psychology, she also shows great care toward dog owners who are looking for ways to solve their dog’s behavioral issues. Nicole undertook the same trainer course that Canine Trade Group’s trainers did so that she could better address client questions, dog issues, and guide everyone to the right training protocol that would suit their needs and goals.

When she’s not busy helping other people and their dogs, she likes to hang out at home with her two dogs, Willow (a Pitbull mix) and Brooklyn (a Boston Terrier/Pug).

Dr. Karen Usselman V.M.D. – On Staff Veterinarian Consultant

Dr. Usselman is originally from western New York, attended Cornell University and then the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine in Philadelphia.  She graduated in 1996 and joined Brenford Animal Hospital in May 1996.  She is currently a partner with the practice.  Dr. Usselman enjoys working with dogs and cats. 

She is particularly interested in internal medicine, ultrasonography, behavior and dentistry.  She serves as the treasurer of the Delaware Veterinary Medical Association and has taught in the Delaware Technical College Vet Tech program.  Dr. Usselman is married to Dr. Jeff Booth and has two children, three dogs and a cat to keep her busy at home.