Educated, Certified and Well Qualified….

Meet our Indianapolis Dog Trainer!

Dawn Bailey – Owner/Head Trainer

Dawn Bailey is a professional Indianapolis dog trainer and dog behavior consultant serving the Indianapolis, Indiana area, including Carmel, Castleton, Greenfield, Greenwood, and Plainfield, as well as most of Central Indiana.

Dawn has been an animal lover her entire life. While growing up, she always tried to help animals in need, and she learned early on that the love a dog offers his/her human is unconditional. As an adult, to return the favor, Dawn decided to volunteer at an animal shelter. She quickly realized most of the dogs were there due to unresolved behavioral issues, so she took it upon herself to seek out education and training in an effort to keep more dogs in their homes, with their families, and out of shelters.

She completed the Canine Trade Group Professional Dog Trainer’s Course, which involved an extensive amount of bookwork on the scientific principles of canine learning theory and dog training, as well as an in-residence, hands-on component. The hands-on portion was perfect for Dawn because it involved working with rescue dogs previously-labeled “unadoptable” due to behavioral issues.

Whether you are dealing with aggression, anxiety, hyperactivity, disobedience, or you’re having difficulty house training, Indianapolis Dog Trainer, Dawn and Circle City Dog Training can help!