Boundaries Will HELP Your Dog! 

One of the best things we can do as loving, responsible dog parents is to instill and teach our fur babies boundaries. Sure, giving them food is essential, and making sure they have a roof over their head and lots of cuddles is part of the package. But along with all these wonderful perks of having a person, a dog will thrive from set boundaries, because that will set you and your dog up for a lifetime of harmony and behavioral success!

Circle City Dog TrainingThere’s the idea that dog training constitutes basic commands, potty training, and that’s it. Training your dog is far more complex and personal that getting him to sit down or to eliminate outside. Through consistent guidance, your dog will learn to trust you and follow your leadership, therefore strengthening the dog-owner bond. Training is about communicating with your dog, and showing them what is good behavior and what is inappropriate behavior.

If your dog acts out, and you do not effectively communicate to your dog that this is not acceptable, then it is most likely your dog will see this as fair game. In a dog’s mind, positive is the absence of the negative. Without correcting the behavior, then we are in a way, reinforcing the poor behavior and setting the dog up for continuous failure and frustration.

Of course, dog training is not just about correcting your dog’s behavior, as your dog surely demonstrates good behavior at times too. When your dog obeys a command and does the right thing, we should reward them for good behavior. This helps teach and show the dog the difference between behaviors and the different consequences that come with them.

More than anything, we want to be able to reward our dog and tell them “yes”, more than telling them “no”. But when we set boundaries, present them four our dog, and they choose to cross them, we must do the responsible thing and let them know that they made a mistake. With confident leadership and direction, your dog WILL learn from their mistakes, but the first step to learning is first identifying the mistake.

As an Indianapolis dog trainer, it is my job to help owners build or rebuild their relationships with their dog, and laying a foundation of trust, respect, and clear communication. If you are having trouble expressing the rules and boundaries of the home to your dog, call me and I will help you and your dog get on the path to success! Call 800-649-7297 or write!