Don’t Baby Your Rescue Dog!

Your rescue dog may come with a backstory, or not. What you know for sure is that they came with certain learned behaviors that need to be corrected before they can fully integrate into your pack and household dynamic. Since a lot of rescue dogs come with potentially traumatic backgrounds, you might be wondering about the morality of correcting their behavior, especially if they’re depressed or anxious already.

Is it too much to be firm with them?

Or should you just let it slide, since they’re adapting to a new life and doing the best they can to avoid adding to any unnecessary stress?

Circle City Dog Training Indianapolis will help get your new rescue dog on the path to behavioral balance.The short answer is: Be aware of their individual quirks and behavioral problems, but do not neglect their training just because they might have a rough history. Their rough days are behind them, and you should work to set them up for success in their new life. This doesn’t mean you must stress them out in order to teach them new commands, but correct them gently, and with positive reinforcement, as you would with any of your other dogs. Letting behaviors slide now can snowball into less manageable behaviors later, and what you thought was just annoying may become dangerous or destructive.

Rescue dogs deserve the care and the faith required for a full range of training, and you’ll find that a rescue dog will be happy to learn new things if he or she is reinforced positively! There isn’t much that a steady regimen, a routine, treats, and some determination can’t turn around, no matter what your dog is nervous about, AND our in-home training covers all of that!

If you’re wondering about how to adapt training for your rescued dog, call up our trainer at Circle City Dog Training Indianapolis at 800.649.7297. We’ll assess you and your dog’s dynamic over the phone to talk about ways to stop bad habits in their tracks and introduce new behaviors.