How to Resolve Leash Reactivity

If you have a leash reactive dog I am sure you know how stressful and embarrassing it can be to take your dog for walks. A leash reactive dog can commonly be found lunging, barking and growling while they are on the leash and generally well-behaved off leash. Dogs, humans and other animals are all targeted during these aggressive outburst. I have witnessed many dog owners attempting to correct their dog’s leash reactivity by tugging the leash and yelling. However, this innate response is one of the most common mistakes made by dog owners. Overreacting to your dog’s leash reactivity can make matters worse because you are giving your dog the false sense that something is wrong. Leash reactivity is a behavior that takes a special approach led by a professional dog trainer.

Circle City Dog Training Indianapolis will address your dog's leash reactivity once and for all. When it comes to correcting a dog’s behavior it is important to first discover what is causing the dog to misbehave. Many dogs that suffer from leash reactivity are often nervous, uncomfortable and afraid whenever they are on the leash. When you take your dog for a walk you are taking them out of their comfort zone and into a brand new world all while being restrained on a leash. When a dog is restrained they lose their self-control and for many dogs this causes frustration and over excitement. These mix emotions along with being in an unfamiliar environment leave your pup feeling overwhelmed which ultimately causes them to behave poorly.

When training a leash reactive dog it is important to make them feel confident and relaxed. Our in-home training program will not only help build your dog’s confidence, but we also teach you as the owner proper leash handling techniques. We will teach you how to be proactive instead of reactive and most importantly how to stay calm.

We will get to the root of your dog’s aggressive behavior, by creating a customized training plan for you and your dog based on your dog’s specific training needs. We will teach you how to become a good leader for your dog and how to recognize your dog’s signals before their behavior gets out of control.

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