Tips for Handling Hyperactive Dogs and Puppies

A happy, energetic dog at play can show people what it looks like to have fun and truly enjoy the moment. Being active is very important for a dog; exercise helps them maintain both their physical and mental health.

A calm dog is a happy dog, call us to learn about the Indianapolis dog training programs we offer!A dog can be called hyperactive when their activity is excessive or inappropriate for the setting (i.e. being too rowdy in the home or car) and they’re showing behaviors like jumping on guests, chasing their tail, barking at passersby’s, or breaking and tearing up things because of their excitement. Simply put, if your dog just doesn’t seem to ever calm down, they’re suffering from hyperactivity.

The root of the problem is that a dog is a pack animal that needs a leader. Whenever a dog is left without a leader they are forced to take guesses at what they should do. Guess what? Dogs aren’t that good at guessing, hence your broken vase, torn couch cushion, and nervous guest. Circle City Dog Training’s in-home training establishes a new structure with you as the leader in your dog’s life. This alleviates the stress and anxiety they have been acting out through their hyperactive behaviors. We’ll teach your dog what things it needs to respect and set boundaries for them so that they’re set-up for success in the future.

When you meet with our trainer they’ll observe your dog’s environment and create a custom training plan for your dog. Our training method has been in use for nearly 30 years and we are a part of a network of very successful trainers across the country. Our training is commitment-based, which means that we will work with you until all of our training goals are attained. Our ultimate training goal is for you to become the trainer that maintains your dog’s good behavior for years to come.

Let’s get your dog started on the path to structure and understanding! We have staff standing by to take your call 800.649.7297, and they will be happy to listen to your story and help you figure out what kind of training your dog needs. You can also send us email us using our contact form. In addition to specializing in in-home training, we offer training for puppies and aggressive dogs.