Training Dogs, Teaching Owners 

Dog trainers are not only around to work and teach dogs, but they also are there to train the dog owners. As an Indianapolis dog trainer, I take my training very seriously and make all potential clients aware that if they want a well-behaved dog, they have to put in the time, work, and commitment. All dogs are easily trainable and can succeed, but their progress and ultimate success cannot happen without their owners being involved and educated in the training.

Most dog training programs involve the owners, but in varying degrees. For instance, in-home training (which is what I mainly offer for Indianapolis dog training), has the owners fully present and involved at the training sessions, and has them still working when the trainer is not there in the home. Board and Train is a popular training approach and the owners are still involved in the training, but not as heavily in comparison to in-home training. The reason I provide Indianapolis private in-home dog training is because I WANT to be the owners part of the training (and the dog’s progress!) as much as possible. It doesn’t mean my workload gets lighter or my job is easier because of this. If anyone benefits it’s the dog and owner, as it makes behavioral success more likely and quicker to come by!

Circle City Dog Training Indianapolis - Teaching Dogs AND OwnersWhen I have dogs to train, their owners/my clients are there to learn and to work themselves. I handle and work with the dogs, but I also work and teach the people as well. When there are canine behavioral problems, typically the missing ingredient and cause of the ongoing problems is because the owners have no idea how to address these problems and properly communicate with their dog. My job as a trainer is to create a solid link between the dog and owner, and show the owner how to maintain that link so the dog understands and adopts the appropriate behaviors with the most important person (their owners, of course!).

When you sign up for my training programs, your dog isn’t the only one getting educated. Learning how to work with your dog is what will bring you the most long-lasting results. While I could easily work with a dog without an owner and teach them the right things, it doesn’t make that much of a difference if the owner cannot do these once they get their dog back home from me. Owners need to understand demonstrate leadership, remain consistent with their boundaries and expectations, and always set their dog up for success as much as they can!

Dog training is a process and it will require work on the owner’s part. But that work will reap the best benefits of them all – a behaved dog and an irreplaceable bond between dog and owner based on love, respect, and trust! If you think you and your dog need to rebuild or repair your relationship, learn how to ASAP! Call 800-649-7297 to learn more about how to get your dog and YOU trained for a lifetime of success!