Training Early is Crucial 

Whenever someone brings a new dog into their family, I believe one of the very first things they should do (after a visit to the vet and letting them adjust to their new home for a bit) is to begin a dog training program. Not only does it help you bond with your new furry friend, but it also prevents any potential behavioral problems from developing.

Training at an early age for the dogs and the people! :) Our Indianapolis dog training programs will get your dog on track!Regardless of whether it’s a new puppy, an adult dog, or even a senior dog, a good training program helps your dog adjust to life in its new home and understand what’s expected of them. It ensures bad behavior is corrected and good behavior is reinforced so that the behaviors you want become the norm or default for your dog.

Too many people I talk to think that a dog needs to have serious behavioral issues before it needs a trainer. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Even if a dog is well behaved it’s a good idea to teach it at least basic obedience so it understands simple commands, has good manners, and can do things common to daily life like going for a walk. Moreover, the truth is that even small behavioral issues can develop into larger ones down the road if they’re left uncorrected and ignored. Most dogs don’t just simply grow out of their bad behavior. They need leadership and guidance from you to correct it and to prevent it from getting increasingly worse.

Of course, just like it’s never too early to start training your dog, it’s also never too late! If your dog does already suffer from a serious behavioral problem like aggression or hyperactivity, they’re not hopeless. While many owners feel that their dog’s bad behavior has come out of nowhere, I’m often able to discover the root cause of the behavior and work with the owner to reestablish boundaries and leadership. It’s about teaching your dog how you’d like them to behave so they can make better decisions.

By beginning your dog’s training early and preventing problems before they start, you can truly enjoy the benefits of life with “man’s best friend.” Call me at 800.649.7297 or get in touch via our contact page to set your dog up for success!