We Train Dogs of ALL Ages (Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks)!

We get many calls a day from dog owners of adult dogs who are in desperate need of training to correct their dog’s behavior. Many of our potential clients are often surprised when they learn that we work with dogs of all ages. Circle City Dog Training believes that no dog is too old to learn new tricks. The only difference in training an adult dog versus a puppy is that we asked that you get your dog cleared by a vet so we can rule out any health issues. It is common for an adult dog to have certain health issues that may cause them to have behavior problems like housebreaking or aggression.

Our Indianapolis dog training programs are for dogs of ALL ages!

Our Indianapolis dog training programs are for dogs of ALL ages!

Our Indianapolis dog trainer approaches each case differently. We believe that each dog is unique and that they should be trained in a way that will meet their specific training needs. After completing an in-home assessment we will create a customized training plan to address all of your dog’s behavioral problems. Our training protocol allows us to train dogs of any age and it has been successful for over 27 years.

There are several reasons why your older dog may have suddenly picked up a negative behavior. For instance, you may have recently moved to a new home, adopted another pet or maybe you just brought home your newborn baby. Lifestyle changes can be stressful for a dog and cause them to pick up or revert back to negative behaviors, our colleague a dog trainer in Oakland also works with older dogs quite often.

We do not have an age limit for the dogs that we work with. So if you are hesitant or fearful of rescuing an adult dog rest assured that your dog can be trained. With our guidance, consistency, commitment and effort your dog will be trained in no time!

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