Indianapolis Dog Training Success Stories! 

Our Indianapolis Dog Trainer, Dawn Bailey has been successfully helping dogs and their owners become the best they can be! If you want to be a part of our Indianapolis Dog Training Success Stories then you need to give us a call today – our goal is to make both the dogs and the owners have a wonderful, happy relationship! 

This is the type of result we can deliver for you and your pup. To learn how, contact us through Circle City Dog Training at 317.527.6275.

Had to share my positive moment, just walked Scout one lap around the park!!! No incident!!! Walked great on the leash!!! If ya know my Scout you know what an accomplishment this is!!! Big high five to Dawn Bailey Circle City Dog Training!!!!

Tracie H.

Dawn does an amazing job at dog training. She comes to your home which was great because my dogs learned in their normal environment. I have 3 dogs one being a very anxious 7 y/o German Shepherd that has completely calmed down. My other two dogs are listening so much better! It’s a much more peaceful house! Would recommend her to anyone!!

Adam C.

Our puppy Piper was a lot for us to handle, she was constantly jumping and nipping. We were very stressed and didn’t know what to do until we found Dawn. She fully explained to us how the canine mind works and how we need to effectively communicate with our dog. She was always there to help guide us if we needed any help along the way. We are thrilled to say that Piper is a much calmer, well behaved member of the family!! Thank you Dawn!!!

Rob D.

Dawn is great!  We and the pup are all calmer when she is here and we have all learned skills that are invaluable…Lyla is stubborn and Dawn is continuing to work with us above and beyond Our expectations.  We are greatful we have her help.  Service and commitment are amazing.   Lyla is excited to see her and is so attentive to Dawn.  Cool to see.   I would absolutely recommend the service.   

Stacey R.

I’m so happy I met Dawn from Circle City Dog Training! I had other dog trainers who just didn’t cut it and my dogs fear aggression was getting worse and worse as time went on. After talking with Dawn and the staff at Circle City I felt so much better about the entire situation. Dawn is the reason I still have my dog today and we are SO grateful to her! Thank you so much!!!

Helen T.