Cribs and Canines 

Dog Training for New Parents in Indianapolis 

If you are a dog owner thinking about becoming a parent in the near future, there’s a lot to think about, including on how your dog will react to a new baby. While dogs are known to be great with children, it can still be risky – how will the dog respond to you directing all the attention (that the dog was once receiving) to the baby? How will the dog behave when the baby is crawling around the floor? Will your dog be able to accept the idea of a new pack member in the home?

How Can We Help?

Circle City Dog Training is one of the best dog training companies in the Indianapolis area? Why? It’s because we want to go the extra mile to ensure your family is taken care of, both canine and human. This is why for those dog owners, who are also expectant parents, might want to consider our brand new training program, Cribs and Canines!

Our trainer Dawn Bailey will work with you to create a positive, consistent environment where your dog can succeed in, while also becoming comfortable and ready for a new baby in the home! Dawn will aid YOU as the owner and parent on how to make the transition easier for your dog and baby, so that all parental worries disappear!

Before and after the birth of your baby, the Cribs and Canines techniques will eliminate any obedience problems with the dog, such as jumping (especially on the baby, or on pregnant mom!), nipping, destructive habits, aggressive play, etc. Circle City owner/trainer Dawn will also make sure that the dog does not become territorially aggressive, be it over the home, the family, or even the baby. Along with this, Dawn will help your dog develop skills specifically geared for the baby. Such examples include calm walking/heeling with the baby stroller, good manners when the owner holds the baby, gentle demeanor and respect for the baby, etc.

Cribs and Canines is about creating both safety and harmony for the household, and for EVERY family member, be it human or canine! If you are currently a parent dealing with some troubling behavior from your dog that is affecting the welfare of your child, we can still help you! Give us a call at 317.527.6275 to sign up or for any questions.