Aggression, Anxiety, Basic Obedience, Puppy Training? – You name it!

Circle City Dog offers a variety of specific dog training programs in Indianapolis

Circle City Dog Training offers several in-home training programs to Indianapolis dog owners, including the fully-customizable in-home training program, our dog training program for aggressive dogs, and our puppy training program.

In-Home Training Programs for ALL Breeds

All programs take place within the home and can be tailored to fit your dog’s individual needs. They begin with an in-home consultation, so we can observe the behavior in person and make recommendations with as much information as possible under our belts. In-home training allows you to be involved every step of the way and maintain control over your experience. It also reduces stress on your pet because they only have to become familiar with one new person (the trainer) rather than several new people as well as a new environment.

The same can’t be said for other training methods, like board-and-train and group training. These take the owner out of the equation or simply put too many dogs and owners into the equation. We keep your dog’s training personal, professional, and efficient.

Professional, Certified Dog Trainer

Circle City trainers have been certified through Canine Trade Group. This guarantees you’re getting a trainer with hands-on experience and an in-depth background in canine psychology, history, and training theory. It also means the trainers have chosen to continue their education by receiving updates, case studies, and other materials about the training industry on a regular basis.

In-home training is effective for a number of behavioral problems, like leash training, basic obedience, and housebreaking. Our aggression training can handle any type of aggression in any dog, whether it’s due to fear, instinct, or resource guarding. And puppy training can help start you and your puppy’s relationship off on the right paw, as well as prevent future problems.

Get Started!

To learn more about our individual programs, follow the links under the training tab. You can also give Circle City Dog Training a call at 317.527.6275 or send us an e-mail.